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This journal supports the relationship between two talented MALE entertainers from the Johnny's Entertainment group known as KAT-TUN; a 6 manned super idol group.

If you are offended by this kind of situation, I suggest that you leave and/or not join. As for the rest, you are more then welcome to stay and see what I have to say.

The two members know as Akanshi Jin & Kamenashi Kazuya are the two this journal will be following, whether it be friendship or something more.They, as a pair/duo, is also known as AKAME or AKAKAME among fans.

Anything said in this journal is purely based on my thoughts, opinion, observations, beliefs and wishes unless otherwise stated, in other words, don't take stuff seriously.

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I am not in any way directly associated with Jonnhny's Entertainment and/or KAT-TUN.

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